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Who remembers Bass Modulators’ heart-warming vocal hit “Oxygen?!” Well, for fans of this dynamic duo and their stunning melodic sound, excitement levels will reach an all-time high as the guys have managed to top their efforts with an incredible follow-up.

Titled “Imagine,” this fresh, moving number will hit you with a powerful dose of emotion and passion. Coupled with striking vocals, “Imagine” packs the perfect hands-in-the-air festival feeling!

“Feels like we’re drawn to find escape
Feels like we’re lost but found our way

We are young and free
So let us be
We used to break but now we see
With so much clarity (there’s so much clarity)

Can You Imagine
Letting your dreams run wild
Can you imagine
Leaving it all behind
This time We’ll fade into blinding light
Who cares what we do tonight
Oh, can you imagine

Don’t wait until the stars align
Just let our hearts wake our mind”