Gunz for Hire ft. Nikki Milou – We Will Be Immortal [Roughstate]

This is the official videoclip of Gunz for Hire ft. Nikki Milou – We Will Be Immortal

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Video by Rotate Media and fx done by Zeplab πŸŽ₯

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Back in the depths of 2011, two like-minded musical connoisseurs united, with the sole mission to represent the shadowy underground of raw hardstyle… Armed and ready, this cutting-edge duo has conquered and revolutionised the game in more ways than one, and guess what? There’s absolutely no stopping them on their quest for domination!

Consisting of two hardstyle heavyweights and long-time comrades. Gunz For Hire was conceived through both a musical and performance-driven bond that neither could ignore.

Determined to continue reaching out and uniting gangsters from all around the globe with their brazen, daring sound, Gunz For Hire open up a new chapter of thrilling missions and underground activities – all loaded up with heavy artillery!