HARD with STYLE Episode 69: Presented by Headhunterz

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With autumn official set in and shadows growing longer, there’s always music to offer a light in dark days. This month, Headhunterz returns with another episode of energizing, uplifting and refreshing tracks from the hard dance genre. Enough to keep you going for another month, until the next HWS hits in. Sit tight, and prepare for the ride that is HARD with STYLE.

Lock in and get your mind blown by brand new exclusives, current favourites and essential classics, with the sounds of Da Tweekaz, KELTEK, Zatox, Wildstylez and many more. Headhunterz packed HWS69 with all different flavors of Hardstyle, so come and have a taste.

HWS 69 features the following tracks:

00. HARD with STYLE – Intro
01. Wildstylez – Temple Of Light (Qlimax Anthem 2017)
02. Code Black & Crisis Era – Beat Cannon
03. Headhunterz – The Power Of The Mind (Live Edit)
04. Coone & Wildstylez – Here I Come
05. Code Black & Wasted Penguinz – With The Wolves
06. Da Tweekaz – Komon
07. Wasted Penguinz & Adrenalize – Scandinavia
08. Envine & Hypnose – Story of Secrets
09. Ecstatic – Where God Is
10. Retrospect – Drop The World
11. ID – ID
12. KELTEK – Mask On My Face
13. Proppy & Heady – Summer Of Hardstyle (Headhunterz Are Back Edit)
14. Zatox & Toneshifterz & Villain – Ready for the Bass
15. Zatox – Music Is My Weapon
16. Psyko Punkz – Left With The Wrong (Warface Remix)

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