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After a hectic tour through China, Headhunterz is back to bring you an update on the music that’s rocking his mind, moving the crowds and should be on every hardstyle lovers’ radar. This month, as we’re approaching the end of an exciting year, Headhunterz hits full throttle, bringing you another slew of exclusive tunes and must-hears. Volume up on #HWS70, it’s about to hit in hard!
Tune in for the grand tunes of Noisecontrollers, Sound Rush, MYST, Phuture Noize and Demi Kanon, and lose your mind to sounds by Hard Driver, Project One, Adaro, Clockartz and Headhunterz himself. This is the one hour you’ve been waiting for. And trust us, it’s been worth the wait.

HWS 70 features the following tracks:

00. HARD with STYLE – Intro
01. Headhunterz – Takin It Back
02. Demi Kanon – Orbit The Sun
03. Noisecontrollers – Whose Plan Is It?
04. Max Enforcer & ANDY SVGE feat. Heavynn – Deep’r
05. Hard Driver – Hardstyle 24/7
06. D-Block & S-te-Fan – No Apoya No Folla
07. Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators – Mumbai
08. Project One – It’s An Edit
09. TNT & Sound Rush – Right Now
10. Clockartz – The Art Of Being One (ft. Bram Boender)
11. MYST – Fire And Ice
12. Adaro – The Voice Of The Fire
13. Ran-D & Phuture Noize – Suicidal Superstar
14. Phuture Noize – Chaos & Order (MYST Remix)
15. D-Sturb & MC Nolz – Conflict Override (Shockerz 2017 Anthem)

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