“Dear Family,

After the warm welcome, the most beautiful night of my life, it is time to start giving back. Time to start contributing new music to the scene so we can make all the memories live forth, but also create many new ones together.

Living up to my official return I slowly began to feel the pressure rising which had a magical effect on my inspiration in the studio. I wanted to get to the essence of what I look for when making music and allow myself to create something out of pure sentiment and nostalgia without thinking too much about current rules or trends. That is exactly what I did when I started out making music when there were absolutely zero expectations from the outside world and what comes out then is exactly that sound that many people associate me with. That is just what happens when I don’t think too much.

Throughout my career there have been ups and downs and I feel connected now to some of my own releases more than others I have done. It’s all been a big learning experience and it still is. In this track I express my vision on the musical direction I desire to go in and that is to keep it as sincere and pure as I can, staying close to that essence inside myself and the essence of how I see Hardstyle.

This is a tribute to all the amazing memories and a taste of what’s to come. Featured on my upcoming mini album, this is Takin It Back.”