This. Is. The. Most. Crispy. Remix. In. The. World. Brace for impact as the Crispy Bassdrum Remixes reach their target! Reimagined by N- Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD and Luminite, the tasty kick-drum has never sounded crunchier. Crispy Bassdrum is one of those tracks that can turn any party into a pool of destruction. As sneakers fly and bodies force themselves to the beat of the rhythm, a smile is all that remains. Is it the crunch? Is it the crisp? Either way, the BOMBSQUAD crew and Luminite developed their own spin to the song. One is defined by a deluge of kick-drums, each even more intense than the other. The next takes raw hardstyle to a whole new level. Crazy, uplifting and foremost fresh! Hotter than melted lava, these Crispy Bassdrum Remixes leave their mark. Unleash them at your own risk! And dance as the world turns into bittersweet kick- drum chaos.

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N-Vitral – Crispy Bassdrum Remixes
Release: 26th of March 2018


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