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Chapter 1: The Beginning

The night kicks off at the cradle of hardstyle. Scope DJ, A-lusion & Pavo take you back to when it all started for hardstyle. From DJ Duro’s ‘Just Begun’, one of Scantraxx’ first releases, to Scope DJ’s ‘Lockdown’, this is when the early years of hardstyle enter the stage.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Back in 2002, Dov Elkabas (DJ The Prophet) noticed that a genre called ‘hardstyle’ was transforming into something big. New acts rised and Q-dance created events to support this new sound. Dov decided to create a platform so big, it would be leading in the world of hardstyle. This was the start of Scantraxx: the very first big hardstyle label. For Pavo, A-lusion and Scope DJ, this also was the beginning of an incredible journey. We all know their legacy, now it’s time to dive into their origin.

00.00 | Hardheadz – Wreck Thiz Place
03.17 | Zany & Duro – Back Again
08.40 | A-Lusion – Drummer Beat
12.19 | The Prophet & DJ Duro – Shizzle The RMX (Brennan & Heart RMX)
15.49 | The Prophet – Hardstyle Baby
18.51 | Blademasterz – Masterblade
22.35 | Scope DJ – Lockdown
26.21 | A-Lusion – Veritas
29.13 | Scope DJ – Rock Hypnotic
33.08 | Pavo – Raven