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Chapter 2: The Essence

Welcome at the core of Scantraxx. This chapter is kicked off by none other than founding father and hardstyle legend DJ The Prophet. Together with 7 other acts that left their mark on this label, he is part of The Essence. From the epic melodies of Wildstylez and Bass Modulators to Italian Hardstyle by Zatox LIVE and the sound of the future by the likes of Adrenalize, KELTEK and Devin Wild, this chapter provides the ultimate showcase of the Scantraxx legacy and future.

Past, present and future!

Hardstyle fanatics, you’re in for a treat. Witness the glorious highlights of the Scantraxx saga during the evening’s main chapter together with an incredible ensemble of artists that aren’t just the foundation of Scantraxx, but also the label’s biggest prospects.

1. Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs Noisecontrollers – Tonight
2. The Prophet – Recession
3. The Masochist – LDMF (Wildstylez Remix)
4. Noisecontrollers – So High
5. Project One – The Art Of Creation
6. Frontliner- Discorecord
7. Wildstylez – K.Y.H.U. (Noisecontrollers Remix)
8. JDX ft. Sarah – Live The Moment
9. Brennan Heart & The Prophet – Wake Up!
10. Adrenalize feat. Jannika – Find You
11. Bass Modulators – I Want Your Love
12. Audiotricz – Infinite
13. Devin Wild – Breakthrough
14. Adrenalize – Wherever The Light Ends
15. Atmozfears & Audiotricz – Reawakening
16. KELTEK – Down To Earth
17. Audiotricz & Atmozfears – What About Us
18. Bass Modulators – Oxygen
19. The Prophet – Caramba!
20. Devin Wild & Sub Zero Project – Meltdown
21. Zatox – Creation
22. Zatox feat. Nikkita – Raw Style
23. Zatox & Tatanka – Loops & Things
24. The R3belz – Pattern 2
25. The Prophet & Deepack – Stampuhh!! (Prophet’s Stamp Remix)