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Sub Zero Project x LXCPR – Unity
Full release: 14th of February – the day of Unity!

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With thanks to Q-dance for the footage of Qlimax 2017 – Temple of Light

One goal, one nation! All we need is Unity!
After an astonishing performance at one of the World’s leading Hard Dance events – Qlimax – Sub Zero Project take their career to new heights as they take on the bonds of Unity! Sub Zero Project transform an orchestral masterpiece into a ballistic piece of art to not only raise your heart beat with the fierce momentum of Hardstyle, but soothe your soul with an epic piece of musical mastery leading to the perfect combination to unite us all!
Enjoy the official video clip of Sub Zero Project and LXCPR’s “Unity”.

“The day of unity is the day I hope to be able to see in my lifetime
It’s the day when we no longer operate with hate, but with love for each other.
The day of unity is not about moral support,
It’s about a movement and a step in the right direction
Though we have this point to live
The truth is this, it’s up to us”

United we stand
Divided we fall
Dodging any limit situated by the law
A nation, a million people on the rise
We’re living in a situation full of despise

One voice, one nation
One message for every occasion
In the end it’s just you and me
All we got is unity

One voice, one nation
One message for every occasion
In the end it’s just you and me
We are the ones that are taking over
All we got is unity

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Music arrangement from ‘Icarus feat Julie Elven’. Courtesy of Ivan Torrent